Preseason Week 1 Notes

Steelers HOF Game:

– Najee Harris 7 carries for 22 (3.14 YPC)
– Removing his -4 yard stuff, 6 carries for 26 (4.33 YPC)
– Faster than expected getting to edge, exploding off a single jump cut


Steelers Week 1 vs. Eagles:

– Najee Harris getting hit often at or close to LOS
– But he’s good at making first guy miss
– Najee had two 15+ yard runs negated by holding penalties
– Najee might expose himself to serious injury if he keeps trying to hurdle guys at this rate
– Anthony McFarland operating as primary backup


Eagles Week 1 vs Steelers:

– Ertz and Goedert both starting
– First two targets went to TE’s – Howard in as first-team pass blocker
– Jalen Hurts overthrew Quez Watkins for a wide-open would be 99 yard TD, would’ve given him two on the day
– Jalen Reagor got first target w/2nd unit
– Kenneth Gainwell played w/2nd unit – He looks very fast – showed speed to get to the edge on 7 yard run negated by holding penalty
– Got used on a variety of swing, inside under routes multiple times


Redskins Week 1 vs Patriots:
– Antonio Gibson got first touch
– AG not in on most 3rd downs, including 3rd & short
– Despite that got multiple targets in 1 quarter
– McLaurin got first downfield target
– Dyami Brown overthrown on would be 50-yard TD
– Peyton Barber didn’t get action until 2nd quarter
– Taylor Heinicke doesn’t look good at all
– Good team defensive pressure


Patriots Week 1 vs Redskins:
– Cam Newton started over Mac Jones
– Damien Harris got first touch
– Had a 10 yard carry inside RZ offset by holding penalty
– Jakobi Meyers got first WR target for both Cam and Mac
– James White the receiving RB
– Sony Michel the distant third in this RB rotation
– Kristian Wilkerson dropped a perfect pass from Mac, would’ve been a 50 yard TD
– Mac low on a lot of throws that were hauled in
– Pats defense looks suffocating


Titans Week 1 vs Falcons:
– Darrynton Evans returning kicks
– looks fast, a bit small though


Lions Week 1 vs Bills:
– Oline is poor
– Jamaal Williams unimpressive plodder
– Amon Ra St Brown got multiple targets early
– Displayed good YAC
– Had an additional 10 yard gain called back by penalty
– 3 catches out of slot
– Multiple TE targets early good for Hock when he plays


Bills Week 1 vs Lions:
– Singletary started, got 18 yard carry negated by penalty, and stuffed on 5 yard run
– Factoring that in, he had 8 carries for 64 yards


Jets Week 1 vs Lions:
– D line looks fierce
– Ty Johnson started and looked good in outside zone
– Michael Carter got early touches and looked shifty, making guys miss
– Carter lined up as a WR multiple times
– Also was good in pass blocking
– A lot of 2 WR sets early on


Dolphins Week 1 vs Bears:
– O line extremely poor
– Malcom brown won’t be a threat to Gaskin/Ahmed
– Gaskin looked good still despite poor O line play


Bears Week 1 vs Dolphins:
– d-line overpowered dolphins
– damien williams looks trim and fast – multiple first drive touches with a 15 yard run called back by holding
– kmet started and got 2 early targets
– Fields looked slow with his reads, fumbled, and threw INT vs 1st team
– All of Field’s running came against 2nd/3rd teams, and his touchdown was a wide open broken coverage play


49ers Week 1 vs Chiefs:
– Trey Sermon started, had some 3rd down snaps, but looked slow and fumbled
– Aiyuk had a handoff and looked electric with the ball, multiple plays called back by penalty
– Lance has the “it” factor for this team – will be starting soon enough


Chiefs Week 1 vs 49ers:
– Clyde first two carries, played on 3rd downs
– Clyde appears to be the every down RB
– Mecole Hardman had a bad drop
– Darrel Williams played inside the 5


Jags Week 1 vs Browns:
– Laviska Shenault had multiple screens run for him
– James Robinson started, pass blocking back
– Travis Etienne got second series
– Trevor Lawrence is poised, throws an amazing ball


Dallas Week 1 vs Cardinals:
– Michael Gallup had several targets on opening series
– some targets came out of the slot
– Tony Pollard looked good in his run with the 1’s


Cardinals Week 1 vs Dallas:
– Rondale Moore had multiple Jet sweeps called for him
– Chase Edmonds involved early in passing game
– Jonathan Ward was in the backfield with Edmonds as 2 RB formation multiple times – bodes well for James Conner
– Eno Benjamin had an amazing juke and outside run at the goal line
– He was splitting 2nd team reps with Ward, and returning punts
– He looked explosive and fast on multiple runs
– Had good blitz pickups


Broncos Week 1 vs Vikings:
– Javonte Williams started, hit the whole hard, got to the edge quicker than expected
– Wasn’t great in short yardage, except one play he bounced to the outside in goal line
– Drew Lock made multiple nice targets
– KJ Hamler had multiple early targets
– Jerry Jeudy was everywhere, looked explosive with YAC
– Inside the 10 they almost exclusively ran the ball


Saints Week 1 vs Ravens:
– Taysom hill started, was inaccurate, a checkdown machine, threw nearly half his balls around LOS
– Jameis Winston will start the regular season as the QB
– Good news for Marquez Callaway who looks good
– He beat Marcus Peters in man coverage on 3rd down


Ravens Week 1 vs Saints:
– JK Dobbins was the every down RB
– Had no room to run
– O line might be an issue with run blocking


Bucs Week 1 vs Bengals:
– Ronald Jones and Leonard Fournette rotated early down carries
– Gio Bernard came in on 3rd down and caught a pass
– Antonio Brown early deep target


Bengals Week 1 vs Bucs:
– Tyler Boyd two early targets
– Perine came in early to spell Mixon, might be something to watch out for
– If Mixon goes down, Chris Evans looked good, Perine unimpressive


Packers Week 1 vs Texans:
– Kylin Hill returning kicks
– AJ Dillon had good blitz pickup
– He was also playing all 3 downs early on
– Was slow running routes away from LBs


Rams Week 1 vs Chargers:
– Xavier Jones started, looked quick, but is small and goes down at first contact
– Jake Funk had an RB catch and lined up as a WR multiple times, fights through contact, a bit slow hitting the hole, good blitz pickup
– Tutu Atwell returning punts


Colts Week 1 vs Panthers:
– Marlon Mack started, looked good

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