Initial QB Ranks – 8/12/21

These ranks based on my own methodology. I may release the methodology at a later point in time, but for now, you can simply see the ranks.

Each day I will be updating my rankings as I see fit and will update the site with notes on each relevant player as they may come in, as reasoning for why my ranks are updated.

Before the season begins, I may update this with my projections for each player as well. Also, you’ll notice there are no rookies ranked yet. They are coming in another update.

Here we go:

  1. Patrick Mahomes
  2. Matthew Stafford
  3. Kyler Murray
  4. Tom Brady
  5. Dak Prescott
  6. Lamar Jackson
  7. Deshaun Watson
  8. Carson Wentz
  9. Aaron Rodgers
  10. Matt Ryan
  11. Josh Allen
  12. Joe Burrow
  13. Jameis Winston
  14. Russell Wilson
  15. Ryan Fitzpatrick
  16. Ben Roethlisberger
  17. Kirk Cousins
  18. Ryan Tannehill
  19. Justin Herbert
  20. Jalen Hurts
  21. Derek Carr
  22. Sam Darnold
  23. Daniel Jones
  24. Baker Mayfield
  25. Drew Lock
  26. Jimmy Garoppolo
  27. Andy Dalton
  28. Cam Newton
  29. Jared Goff
  30. Tua Tagovailoa
  31. Teddy Bridgewater

Things of note:

  • Mahomes w/Watkins: 25.2 PPG, Mahomes w/o Watkins: 22.2 PPG


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