A History of Breakouts

A long line of me picking guys who became studs at their positions, across the board. Guys we drafted far below ADP, and consensus rankings. Over 10 years of breakouts inside.

Future Breakouts

The next future studs in a long line of choosing studs nobody else sees coming. These are the guys you can draft several rounds ahead of ADP and still feel confident you’ll get value.

Player & Team Breakdowns

Our own proprietary method of breaking down player performances from a year ago, and putting them in context of the upcoming season. Nobody does this, but we share it all.

Draft Strategy

Our evergreen draft strategy that nobody will teach you, anywhere else, ever. We teach it to you because you’re a fellow douche, like us. Welcome to the last “strategy” you’ll ever need.

What Makes Fantasy Douche Different?

And if that sounds douchey...


That’s because it IS douchey.

We do stuff differently around here than 99.99% of so called “experts” you see.

Everyone has their model. Everyone has their narrative.

The problem is, they aren’t OBSESSED with football.

More importantly, they aren’t obsessed with FANTASY football, like we are.

So naturally, my mind finds all kinds of angles and new ways of looking at things.

New ways of looking at the history of the game. Understanding that history repeats itself.

While also understanding WHICH parts of history are actually relevant, and which are illusion.

And THAT is the art of the trade, our secret sauce, that allows us to find breakout players year after year that are entirely overlooked.

Because everyone is looking at history the wrong way.

And because we are looking at history the right way, it allows us to craft draft strategies using information accessible to virtually nobody else.

It allows you to have imprecise rankings, yet still absolutely dominate your draft.

Yes, that’s right. You’ve been led to believe that the success of your draft depends on the quality of your rankings.

And I’m here to tell you, that’s bullshit.

You can have bottom barrel quality rankings in your league and still dominating your draft, by understanding your league better than anyone.

By understanding your league’s history better than anyone.

We, again, use history in a proper context to help us create leverage at every turn of the draft.

Leverage so powerful that it far overcomes and outweighs any potentially poor rankings.

Luckily for you though, you get the best of both.

You get fantastic rankings and consistently reliable breakout players year after year.

And you get the exact method to create stupid leverage in your draft.

Any draft strategy you’ve seen before is permanently obsolete compared to how we draft.

99.99% of every other fantasy expert preaches a new strategy every year.

They claim that the principles of fantasy football change over time.

Once again, this is bullshit.

The only fantasy strategy you need, is textbook, and it’s evergreen. Period.

The reason it’s evergreen, is because nobody is doing this.

When I say nobody, I mean nobody.

Let everybody else chase the white rabbit.

You know better.

You know better because you found Fantasy Douche.

Welcome to the party, douche.

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Tape Don't Lie

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Sit - Start

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