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Koala Baby Closet Organizer-they just received today. It was better than we expected it to be. Dimensions are not given in the description, so did not know what to expect. They only ask first because we wanted to make sure it will work in the cupboard / Koala Baby Closet Organizer in the baby room. We ordered another because there is no room for two, and both look great next to each other.

Best Baby Closet Organizer

Best Baby Closet Organizer

We not sure how well that can be maintained over time, but because we just put the baby things in the paper, we think it will last long. Canvas is that there seems to be strong and durable, and tailoring and construction of what appears to be very good. We love the color (choose wise for our children), and there are other elements suitable storage available. The picture was included in the packaging showing pink and pink it is loved, especially with elements of other suitable storage. If you have children, get pink for your baby’s wardrobe and add more Koala Baby Closet Organizer, and everyone will tell you how beautiful and organized his daughter’s room.

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Best Baby Closet Organizer

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