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Pivot closet doors can be an attractive addition and space saving bedroom or den or can hide a laundry room or pantry. A disadvantage of these folding doors is that once you have taken off the track, can be difficult to install. Following the steps in the correct order is critical, and have a friend help align the guide pins makes the job much easier.

Amazing Pivot Closet Doors

Amazing Pivot Closet Doors

Look at the hardware before reinstalling the door to understand what parts should be aligned. The pivot closet doors has a guide bolt at the bottom. This fits into a slotted bracket on the floor. At the top of the door is the pivot and the guide roller. The pivot pin engages a hole in the top of the track and slippers guide roller along the length of the track.

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Keep the pivot closet doors. Place the panel with pivot pin and lower pin against the doorframe. Fold the door should be out in the room. Lift the door in its folded position. He put a hand around the bent portion of the door. Grasp the edge of the panel opposite guide rollers with the other hand. Align the pins on the top of the door first. Push the pivot pin in the fixed orifice. Then slide the guide roller on the track.

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