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French doors with transom – In the old days, aspiring writer trying to get his manuscript to an editor by throwing the manuscript in the editor office through the transom above the door to the office. This practice gave rise to the literary phrase, over the transom, which is an unsolicited manuscript. While transoms originally rooms with much needed ventilation, contemporary transoms are more about aesthetics and Bourgeois. You can add a decorative transom when remodeling your door if you have the right tools and moderate woodworking skills.

Awesome French Doors with Transom

Awesome French Doors With Transom

Make French doors with transom, measure the length, height and width of the transom. Use these measurements to determine the transom glass frame. Since each door is different, there is no specific formula for deriving the glass frame measurement. Decide how wide you prefer glass framework must be based on your personal taste and aesthetics of the room. Glass frame should be enough to securely hold the window considerable, but not so large that it detracts from the stern look. Cut your wood to size with measurements transom. Use a router table to make some decorative patterns you want on the profile page. Use the router to cut a groove for the window. Create a clear common to all sections.

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Awesome French Doors With Transom

After that for make French doors with transom, drill a hole in one end of the common transom. Fill the hole with wood glue, and then put a wooden stick that is the same size as the hole. Then measure halfway along the side of the transom frame. Drill a hole in the side of the frame and a spring pin. Repeat this process on the other side of the transom frame. Drill corresponding hole in the stern area of ​​the door frame. Place the decorative glass in the track you have taken with the router.

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