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Pallet wood floor – Every year, thousands of board feet in timber are used to create shipping pallets. These pallets typically are thrown away or end up rotten. Recycle these pallets and turn them into an elegant wooden floor. Even better, many companies will even give you the pallets or sell them at a very low price just to get rid of them. Wood Pallet floors offer a chance to be environmentally friendly and save money while you’re on it.

Awesome Pallet Wood Floor

Awesome Pallet Wood Floor

Installation of the pallet wood floor, measure the width and length of the floor area. Write down this measurement. Set how many rows of boards you need to measure the width and length of boards. Cut some of the boards shorter with a circular saw. You do not want matching seams on your hardwood floor. Cut some boards down to a length of two feet, and second to three feet.

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Awesome Pallet Wood Floor

After that to install pallet wood floor, lay out the first row and seam it into place on the sub floor with a nail gun. Then place a nail in each crossbar in the floor. Start each other row with a shorter board to stop your installation. Continue sewing of wood tiles until the floor is finished. Sand the word once more with a fine gravel grinding block. Sand with grain of wood. Stain hardwood floors to the desired color. Use a stain applicator or brush and apply at least one layer of wood stain. Apply at least one coat of polyurethane on the floor using a floor applicator or in the hand with a brush.

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