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How To Replace Kitchen Cabinet Door Ideas Fronts

Kitchen cabinet door ideas – One way to circumvent the cost of replacing kitchen cabinets is to simply replace the fronts. Professional companies offer new patches for existing cabinets and matching new doors. You can do the same, whether you choose to color the base cabinets, paint them or just leave them as they are. Most home and garden centers offer many choices of gaps in their screens and more in their online catalogs.

Beautiful Kitchen Cabinet Door Ideas

Beautiful Kitchen Cabinet Door Ideas

Number all your cupboards before you start taking measurements. You want to keep the sizes and dimensions organized to minimize confusion when purchasing new doors. Start at one side of the kitchen, and working clockwise. Measure each kitchen cabinet door ideas width, height and thickness of the door. Write down the measurements of the corresponding cabinet number. Then measure the position of the hinges from the top of the door and from the bottom of the door if you plan to use the same hinges.


Replace kitchen cabinet door ideas fronts, determine the type of wood, the stain and the leading style you want for your new doors. Usually lighter woods to light up a small kitchen, making it seem larger. On the other hand, darker woods to hide the kitchen dirt better. If you plan to keep the base cabinets untouched, trying to match the wood types and colors as closely as possible. Then use old doors as templates for placement of the hinge screws on new doors. Drill pilot holes to prevent the doors from cracking.

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