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The Easy Way To Build Cheap Sliding Barn Doors – Start by putting your frame components on a flat surface. Insert 2 sides of the cut and the top and bottom together and place one screw in each of the 4 corners. Next, measure diagonally across the door from corner to corner in each direction to create a box above the door. If you have 2 measuring tapes to use at the same time (preferably), it should look like X across the door. Make sure each measurement is identical. If not, make adjustments as necessary. Once your door is squared up, put a 2nd screw in each corner.

Awesome Cheap Sliding Barn Doors

Awesome Cheap Sliding Barn Doors

Now you’re ready for the horizontal braces for build cheap sliding barn doors. You can use your own wood 2 x 4’s, or for a stronger door you can use metal grits that can be order with your kit. Measure down both sides of the door frame, starting from the top, and make a pencil mark every 2 feet. Slide the ends of each brace into the side rails at your marks. At this point you may want to measure your door corners again to check that it’s still square. Then put 2 screws through the door frame and into the brace at each location. Drill 2 holes down through the top rail of the frame, 12″ from each end of the rail. Attach your trolleys at each hole. You will be glad you did later. Bolt the trolleys to the top of the door.

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At this point you can attach the cheap sliding barn doors covering of your choice. . Screw the door covering to the door frame and the horizontal braces. If you don’t already have a door track installed, now is the time to do it. Use a level to make sure the track is hung perfectly level. Be sure to measure your door height plus the height of the trolley to determine how high to mount the track. Once the track is install slide the wheels of both trolleys into the end of the track. Put the caps on the ends of the track. If you bought the adjustable pendant trolley you’ll have the ability to finely adjust the door position. Once you have the door adjusted the way you want it, tighten down the nut on the trolley bolt and install the small screw that keeps the nut from backing out.

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