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Convert Recessed Lights Mini Pendant Lights For Kitchen Island

Mini pendant lights for Kitchen Island – miniature pendant lights are a popular style in the kitchens. Often pendants are used to draw the ceiling light. A good place to hang pendant lights is on the island and mainland areas, where there is a section bar allows people to sit and eat. When considering installing a miniature pendant lamp, look for a style that people view or block having conversations across the bar is not interrupted.

Amazing Mini Pendant Lights for Kitchen Island

Amazing Mini Pendant Lights For Kitchen Island

Convert recessed lights mini pendant lights for kitchen island, Turn off the power to your kitchen lights in your electrical panel. Check the light switch before doing any work. It is often a good idea to tape a sign on the electrical panel to warn other people in the home that are working. Place a tall ladder near the ground can. Some recessed cans have screwed finishes. Remove the outer trim ring if the ring is wider than the flange stop your new accessory. Often, the new accessory simply covers the adjusting ring. Use a dry towel to loosen the recessed can light.


Insert the converter mini pendant lights for Kitchen Island in the recessed can light and screw. Slide the adjusting flange to the ceiling. You may need to adjust the length of the hanging drop. This is often a loop in the cable is hidden by the bridle. When satisfied, tighten the flange nut in place. Connect your pendant and bulb shade. Turn on the power and test your new accessory.

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