Comparing Reuben Randle, Javon Walker, and Michael Jenkins


I don’t have a lot to offer here other than the stats based comparisons.  The only thing I would note is that while I think a lot of people might say “Reuben Randle is better than Michael Jenkins!!!”, Jenkins was picked at the end of the first round coming out of college, so he was regarded as a decent prospect at the time.

Javon Walker had a very good early career and was really just derailed by the ACL injury.

One other note.  This is based on reports of Reuben’s 40 coming out of his pro day.

Player Rueben Randle Javon Walker Michael Jenkins
40 Time 4.43 4.38 4.4
Weight 210 210 217
Ht 75 75 77
SOS 7.45 7.11 6.83
School Louisiana State Florida State Ohio State
Drafted By   GNB ATL
Overall Pick   20 29
Share of College Team TDs 0.31 0.27 0.35
TD/G 0.57 0.64 0.54
Share of College Team Yds 0.39 0.33 0.31
Y/G 65.50 85.82 64.15
Y/R 17.30 20.98 15.16